black friday american apparel Make Your Own Dexter Halloween Costume

Make Your Own Dexter Halloween Costume

This american apparel black friday sale Halloween, terrify American Apparel cyber Monday the neighbourhood by dressing up as the morallydivided serial killer Dexter. With a simple bloody knife, a face shield, a vinyl apron, and classic olive green shirt, people will know exactly who you are without having to take a second guess!

Below you will find all the necessary elements you need to american apparel black friday 2013 create a Dexter Morgan costume. Some items can be found in thrift stores, while others are easier to find online or in costume stores.

Once you’ve created your costume, please send us a photo so we can post it on this page! Your photo will help inspire others when making their own Dexter costume!

Dexters Kill Shirt Great Outfit Costume CHECK PRICE

Though I cannot guarantee that wearing Dexter’s classic olive green Henley kill shirt will make you look as sexy as Michael C. Hall does, it will certainly help you stand out as Dexter! This is the one shirt Dexter wears whenever he makes a kill. In fact, it is said that Dexter anonymously orders these shirts in bulk, and throws away each one after a kill! Way to hide the evidence!

The shirt shown here is identical to the one Michael C. Hall wears on the set. Customers state that, besides the obvious satisfaction of wearing Dexter’s shirt, it is also very soft, comfortable and fits well.

Rumour has it that the trousers Dexter uses during his killing sessions are GStar Cargo Pants. However, the exact model no longer appears to be in production, leaving us to choose either another model of GStar cargo pants, or another brand that looks similar.

To remain as faithful to the original costume as possible, I have selected these GStar Men’s La Rovic Tapered Cargo Pants to display here. These pants differ slightly in colour from the original pair, but have many of the same pockets and a very similar design.

Update International (APV2641HD) Vinyl Bib Apron CHECK PRICE

We all know how fastidious Dexter is about personal cleanliness. Though he is in the business of killing people, he actually abhors the sight of blood! As such, it makes perfect sense that Dexter would want a heavyduty vinyl apron to protect his clothes and being in the case of an unwanted shower of blood.

The vinyl apron shown here is practically identical to the one worn by Michael C. Hall in the series. Customers have American Apparel black Friday stated that not only does it works well for the Dexter costume, but also for daily use, especially black friday american apparel when cooking up a BBQ!

Black Leather Tactical Police Gloves Medium CHECK PRICE

Dexter is a meticulous being, especially when it comes to tidying up the scene of the crime. With the help of his policestyle black leather gloves, Dexter is always able to carry out his killings without the chance of leaving a single fingerprint behind.

The gloves shown here are near replicas of the gloves used in the actual Dexter series. They are tactical police gloves made of handcut premium leather with a water repellant outer shell. Great for both your Dexter american apparel black friday deals costume and daily use!

Chemical Splash Safety Mask Face Shield CHECK PRICE

Once again, we return to Dexter’s obsession with cleanliness and his distaste for blood. This face shield allows him to carry out his dirty work without having to worry about blood splattering on his face.

This model, though not identical to that used in the series, is very authenticlooking, with a clear shield, an adjustable headband, and comfortable fit. When you aren’t american apparel black friday sale 2013 using this face shield for your Dexter costume, you can also use it for the workshop.

Sometimes, putting together your own costume from bits and pieces found around the house, online and in charity shops can be tiresome. If you feel this way, why not pick up a simple, premade Dexter costume to wear at Halloween? This costume comes with a green hat, green jumpsuit, american apparel black friday hours a black apron, and black boot covers. To complete the costume, you will have to purchase the bloody knife or syringe separately.